Our Campus

Montessori preschool Hamilton Field Novato CA

Beautiful, Serene Setting

Hamilton Montessori School, on the lovely campus of Unity In Marin, is conveniently located just one mile off Hwy 101 in a quiet and serene setting among the rolling hills of Hamilton Field in southern Novato. The classrooms are in the recently renovated Unity Hall. We have a playground and easy access to nature with walking field trips through Unity In Marin’s beautiful courtyard, where one can frequently find birds bathing in the fountain, and all types of creatures, great and small. With nature all around us and the hillside mediation garden located just steps away waiting to be explored, our Hamilton Montessori School children enjoy a special connection to the wildlife they observe each day.

Our Campus: Serene and Beautiful

We are so grateful to come to school each day in such a beautiful setting. Our animal friends and lovely garden are always a joy for our senses.


“When children come into contact with nature, they reveal their strength.”
~ Maria Montessori


Our Classrooms: Discover and Learn

Our Meditation Garden: Explore and Relax

Our Playground: Be Active and Have Fun!